Walking Trails

permeable pavement walking trailsOur walking trail solutions provide many benefits for our clients and the environment. With our low impact installation process, we did not require the use of heavy machinery and are able to complete miles of walking trail without damaging the surrounding landscape.

With 50% rubber content, H2 Turf is a walker or runner’s best friend. The flexibility of the surface provides a nice, ADA compliant (No trip hazards) surface and reduces shin splints and other symptoms typically related to concrete and asphalt surfaces.

With our Tampa porous pavement technology, pedestrians will never encounter water puddles or a muddy trail. This makes it easier and requires less maintenance for parks departments or other trail owners to keep a safe and usable trail system year round. Check out some of our other turf services.

Some of the benefits of H2 Turf for walking trails are:

  • ADA compliant
  • H2 Turf flexibility creates a comfortable surface for walking or running
  • Reduces stress on the body associated with concrete or asphalt (shin splints, etc.)
  • Maximum ground water recharge, and no collection of storm water
  • Low-impact installation methods- no heavy machinery required

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