eco friendly porous sidewalksH2 Turf is your Tampa porous pavement solution for sidewalks in many applications, particularly around trees and wooded areas. Many concrete or impervious surfaces or sidewalks near trees impede on the water getting to the tree roots.

The tree roots tend to grow towards the impervious surface (concrete) in search for moisture. This is why many times when you see sidewalks near trees, the tree roots have lifted up the sidewalk creating a trip hazards and broken sidewalks.

H2 Turf allows the water to easily reach the tree roots and promote natural root growth in a downward direction and away from the nearby sidewalk. This prevents trip hazards and long term costly maintenance of concrete and traditional materials. Check out some of our other turf services.

Some of the benefits of using H2 Turf for sidewalks are:

  • Eliminate trip hazards
  • ADA compliant
  • Promotes healthy tree and vegetation growth
  • Nice surface to walk or run on with never any puddles
  • Will not crack
  • Virtually maintenance-free

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