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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why H2 Turf Tree Surrounds Are Best For Beautiful Landscapes & Healthy Trees

tree surrounds
Tree surrounds provide additional aesthetic appeal to a landscape. Trees are a vital part of the scenery. They add shade and atmosphere to the landscape.

Some homeowners use a tree surround to keep the trees healthy and free from overgrowing plants or vines and other damages. They can protect the tree, keep weeds out, and let water in for proper growth.

There are different materials available for tree surrounds. Some do their job well while others don’t. What’s important is that the material allows rainwater to fall through the material and to the base of the tree. Tree surrounds should also effectively keep other foliage from growing.

Unfortunately, some materials don’t do either very effectively. While the tree may show little signs of damage, accumulated problems will eventually take their toll.

H2 Turf Is Superior For Tree Surrounds

Many people choose to use mulch or stone as materials for a tree surround. Both options require a weed barrier underneath to keep weeds out of the area. Weed barriers aren’t healthy for trees because rainwater is routed away from the base where it needs to fall freely.

Insects often populate in and under the materials as well because there is plenty of space to hide. Cedar mulch does a better job at keeping insects away, however.

Mulch has to be replaced often, and will have to be cleaned out. Leaves, acorns, and other debris gets easily stuck within the material, making it difficult to clean.

There is a much better product on the market today for tree surrounds. The H2 Turf product is the perfect solution for tree surrounds and more.

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