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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Managing Runoff with Porous Pavement

managing water runoff with H2 Turf porous pavement
Runoff and storm water management are serious concerns in urban areas, where space is tight and efficiency is necessary. Learn how you can manage runoff on your property without sacrificing space with these tips from H2 Turf.

The Need for Water Management

Without storm water management, water in built-up cities has nowhere to go. Standard runoff management systems involve storm drains and expansive water retention ponds. While these systems effectively prevent flash flooding, they divert water from the ground and take up a lot of valuable real estate.

A Different Solution

Porous pavement is an alternative to traditional concrete and asphalt paving. Partially made of recycled tired, it features open, or porous, spaces, which collect rain water, keeping it in the ground. This helps to prevent flooding without the need for space-wasting retention ponds. Permeable substrates also benefit the environment by helping trees and other foliage coexist with growing cities. Since materials like concrete don’t hold on to water, tree roots have to grow upward in search of water. Porous pavement allows rainwater to soak directly into the ground, helping trees to thrive.

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