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Monday, May 8, 2017

Environmentally Friendly Porous Pavement Driveways

Porous pavement is the green solution for building or replacing a driveway. It can solve a lot of problems and is an incredibly sustainable product. And yes, it can easily hold the weight of your vehicle traffic.

If you’re building or replacing a driveway, it would be very beneficial to look into using a porous pavement product. Another name for this type of surface is a permeable surface. It is referred to in this way because it allows water to filter through the complex structure of the material. While water will soak into concrete to some degree, it does not filter through. Asphalt driveways also don’t allow water to filter through.

Here’s are some other reasons why people love porous pavement driveways from our experts at H2 Turf.

Porous Pavement Driveways Reduce Water Pooling Problems

How many times have you seen water pooling in your yard near the driveway or sidewalks during a rain storm? Water pooling can create a lot of problems for a landscape and a home structure. Unfortunately, not all house lots are nicely sloped for rain to flow down the street and into the sewer drains. Many have water pooling problems due to the way the house sits on the property. Add a concrete or asphalt driveway to the mix and the water pooling problems could mean house flooding.

Porous pavement allows water to flow directly through the material so it wets the ground underneath. It doesn’t block the flow of rainwater as a concrete or asphalt driveway does. Instead, the natural flow of the property is kept intact so no pooling occurs due to the driveway structure.

No More Cracking Concrete Driveways

Concrete cracks under stress, which translates to an ugly driveway in front of your home that has to be torn out and replaced. If no other benefit is worth it, the flexible porous pavement material doesn’t crack or crumble like concrete will.

It also absorbs shock from impacts and vehicle loads. It can be installed in various thicknesses depending on the application. Custom applications like driveways, parking stalls, and walking trails will involve specific thicknesses according to what the pavement will be used for.

Where To Get A Porous Pavement Driveway Estimate In FL

Whether it’s a driveway, a golf cart trail, parking stalls, walking trails, or tree surrounds, you can contact H2 Turf for installation. We are a South Florida porous pavement installer and a state certified building and excavating contractor. We specialize in custom porous pavement applications because we fully recommend this revolutionary eco-friendly product. We know that your new driveway will be superior in every way. Just call for questions or to schedule an estimate.

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