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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Benefits of Porous Parking Lots for Your Business

porous parking lot benefitsIf you’re a local business or commercial property owner, you know how essential it is to keep up the look of your parking lot. Having a nice place for customers to park is important for providing an enticing and welcoming atmosphere. Learn about the benefits of porous pavement for your parking lot, and see if it might be right for your business.

Easy Installation

Installing a new parking lot or replacing and upgrading your existing one is a simple process with H2 Turf. Requiring no heavy machinery, you can easily build a few new parking spaces or cover your entire parking area with our permeable paving product. This is especially great if you’re the owner of a thriving business, and need to replace your parking lot in a timely manner, without disturbing the normal flow of traffic in your parking area. If you’re expanding your existing lot, you won’t have to worry about building additional storm water retention systems, saving you space, time, and money.

Save Space and Eliminate Puddles

If you’re looking to expand your existing parking area, H2 Turf might be right for you. This product absorbs rainwater and helps it soak right into the ground, the way nature intended it to. With standard, asphalt pavement, groundwater is diverted away from the parking lot, meaning you’ll need a system of drains and retention ponds to manage all of that water. Parking lots built with H2 Turf absorb water immediately, which has an added bonus for your customers. No one will have to worry about stepping into an unexpected rain puddle during a thunderstorm again.

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