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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Benefits Of Investing In An H2 Turf Walking Trail

walking trailIf you are looking for a good way to increase foot traffic, or enhance the green spaces of your commercial property, there has never been a better time to invest in an H2 Turf walking trail. Walking trails are very quickly pushing their way out of secluded parks and nature trails into residential neighborhoods and public places alike. When planning out the construction of your new walking trail, it is important to invest in the right surface material to suit you and your patron’s needs. H2 Turf is a porous pavement alternative to asphalt and concrete and may be just the solution you had in mind. Here are couple ways that an H2 Turf walking trail could enhance your property.

Investing In Activity

The popularity and demand for active transportation options is reaching a fever pitch. Between a resurgent interest in cycling, and the cultural fascination with health and fitness that has been steadily growing in recent years, there has never been a better time to invest in active transportation solutions. Walking trails encourage people to get up, get out, and enjoy their time outdoors. Whether you are looking at a community friendly attraction or looking to create a scenic, and health-conscious route for your employees to stroll on their way to and from work, an H2 Turf walking trail could be the answer you’re looking for. Installing an H2 Turf walking trail can also be a great way to attract runners and walkers to tour your outdoor areas. Since H2 Turf has 50% rubber content, and it’s ADA compliant, your average running or jogging enthusiast couldn’t ask for a better trail. The flexibility of the surface helps to severely reduce the occurrence of shin splints and other conditions normally associated with running on a hard surface. Not only does it provide a better running surface than concrete or asphalt, the porous nature of the surface means that anyone walking or jogging the surface will never have to deal with puddles or muddy trail conditions. This means less maintenance will be required to keep the trail safe and in working order all year round.

Low Maintenance, Low Impact

An H2 Turf walking trail really is the best of both worlds when it comes to finding the perfect alternative to gravel, concrete, or asphalt trails. The surface is strong enough that it is always ADA compliant, which gravel can normally struggle with, but flexible enough that it doesn’t have to worry about the cracking that you normally get when dealing with a concrete or asphalt surface. The porous nature of H2 Turf also ensures that you get maximum groundwater recharge and that storm water never has a chance to build up, making your walking trails difficult or dangerous to navigate. In addition to the low upkeep needed for an H2 Turf walking trail, the installation is surprisingly low impact to your landscape. Installing H2 Turf doesn’t require any heavy machinery, so you rest assured that even if you need miles of trail installed, it won’t damage the surrounding scenery. This can be especially beneficial if you have an existing nature trail that’s in need of a new surface, but are afraid of the impact installing an asphalt or concrete replacement would have on the surrounding area.

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