Tampa Porous Pavement for Sidewalks & Parking Lots

Tampa porous pavement solutionsH2 Turf is a revolutionary, permeable pavement product that can be used in many Tampa residential and commercial projects. As a highly permeable substrate, it allows large amounts of rainwater to easily pass through it, keeping the ground dry while helping to recharge the environment with clean water.

This durable material is comfortable for walking and running due to its flexibility. Comprised of 50% rubber, H2 Turf absorbs shock from impact, and won’t crack over time as concrete and other static materials would.

Tampa Sidewalk Construction

H2 Turf is your Tampa permeable pavement solution for many different types of sidewalk construction. It’s particularly useful around unstructured designs with trees or wooded areas. This porous substrate holds water, rather that letting it run into drains and retention ponds. Keeping the water where it’s needed is important for the health of nearby trees and other foliage. Tree roots will sometimes grow up and out through concrete sidewalks in search of water, which is something that you won’t see with H2 Turf.

Tampa Walking Trails

Our Tampa walking trail solutions offer a variety of benefits for our clients, as well as for the environment. With our easy, low-impact installation process, the use of heavy machinery is not required. We can build miles of scenic walking trails without worrying about damaging the surrounding landscape. Porous pavement eliminates the risk of stepping in a puddle while enjoying your walk or run, as the permeable substrate easily soaks up rain water.

Tampa, FL

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