St. Petersburg Porous Pavement for Sidewalks & Parking Lots

St. Petersburg porous pavement solutionsH2 Turf is a revolutionary, porous pavement substrate, that can be used for many different St. Petersburg residential and commercial uses, from walkways to parking lots and tree surrounds. This flexible and durable material is 50% rubber, making it comfortable for walking, and strain-resistant (unlike concrete).

H2 Turf makes for a great alternative to mulch or metal grates for tree surrounds. Virtually maintenance-free, it can help eliminate trip hazards and promote healthier tree growth.

St. Petersburg Sidewalk Construction

H2 Turf is the porous pavement solution for St. Petersburg sidewalk construction. This material allows the water to easily reach nearby tree roots, promoting natural root growth in a downward direction, away from the sidewalk. This well help to prevent trip hazards, which are commonly seen in concrete sidewalks. H2 Turf is also ADA compliant, as it’s both strong and flexibile, making it great for mobility.

St. Petersburg Walking Trails

Our St. Petersburg walking trail solutions provide several great benefits for both our clients and the environment. H2 Turf is an easily-installed substrate, and we can quickly construct miles of beautiful walking trails without damaging the environment. Porous pavement walking trail installation doesn’t require heavy machinery for installation, blends well with your surrounding property, and results in a strong and flexible walking surface.

St. Petersburg, FL

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