Porous Pavement Services

Walking Trails

porous walking trails
Our walking trail solutions provide many benefits for our clients and the environment. With our low impact installation process, we did not require the use of heavy machinery and are able to complete miles of walking trail without damaging the surrounding landscape.Read More

Tree Surrounds

permeable tree surrounds
H2 Turf is a great solution for tree surrounds in lieu of metal grates or loose fill. Our extremely porous material allows great ground water recharge for strong roots and healthy tree growth.Read More


eco-friendly sidewalks
H2 Turf is your porous pavement solution for sidewalks in many applications, particularly around trees and wooded areas. Many concrete or impervious surfaces or sidewalks near trees impede on the water getting to the tree roots.Read More

Parking Stalls

porous parking lots
If you are looking to expand your parking lot or area, without having to increase your storm water infrastructure, H2 Turf is your permeable surface solution. Our engineered porous parking stalls are designed to provide maximum use of land and parking areas without the need for large retention ponds or vault systems.Read More

Custom Applications

custom porous pavement
As a revolutionary and versatile porous paving solution, H2 Turf can be used for many custom pavement applications. This material can solve many problems and challenges that can’t be easily solved with traditional infrastructure.Read More

If you are looking for a revolutionary porous pavement product, please call 813-695-9581 or complete our online request form.