Orlando Porous Pavement for Sidewalks & Parking Lots

Orlando porous pavement solutionsWith our revolutionary H2 Turf permeable pavement product, you can build Orlando parking spaces, walkways, and custom pavement applications in places where concrete won’t work. Porous pavement allows you to keep rainwater on your property without the need for large water retention ponds or vault systems.

H2 Turf makes a great substrate alternative for tree surrounds. Mulch can get messy and cause trip hazards, and provides a nicer look than metal grates. Porous pavement doesn’t trap debris and litter, reducing the need for cleaning and upkeep.

Orlando Sidewalk Construction

If you’re planning to build a new Orlando sidewalk, H2 Turf is the porous pavement product for you. With its superior permeability, it’s both strong and durable, making it great for pedestrians. As it retains rain water, nearby plants and trees will have a steady source of water, which is one of the major issues with standard, concrete sidewalks. You can prevent trip hazards and avoid long-term, expensive maintenance when you build your new sidewalk with H2 Turf.

Orlando Walking Trails

Our porous pavement walking trail solutions provide a wide variety of benefits for our Orlando clients. H2 Turf is an environmentally-friendly option, and is easy to install, as the use of heavy machinery is not required. Walking trails made with H2 Turf are flexible and durable, reducing stress on the body from walking on hard, concrete surfaces.

Orlando, FL

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