Clearwater Porous Pavement for Sidewalks & Parking Lots

Clearwater porous pavement solutionsWith the revolutionary H2 Turf porous pavement system, you can add sidewalks, parking stalls, and tree surrounds in places where other substrates, such as concrete, may not work. This environmentally-friendly paving solution is made of 50% rubber, giving it both flexibility and durability.

If you’re looking to expand your Clearwater parking lot without having to make room for storm water infrastructure, H2 Turf makes it easy. This product promotes groundwater recharge and reduces water shed, keeping storm water on site.

Clearwater Sidewalk Construction

H2 Turf is a great material for Clearwater sidewalk construction. From walkways to winding pathways near wooded areas, this versatile materal is eco-friendly and promotes heathy tree growth. Unlike standard sidewalk pavement materials, H2 Turf is porous, holding rainwater instead of sending it down storm drains. Nearby trees and other plants will have easy access to water, preventing trip hazards such as upward tree root growth.

Clearwater Walking Trails

Our walking trail solutions offer many benefits to our Clearwater clients. With its 50% recycled rubber content, H2 Turf is an environmentally-friendly substrate which will easily blend in with the local surroundings. As an ADA compliant building material, our porous pavement material can reduce stress on the body associated with walking on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Clearwater, FL

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