Parking Stalls

porous parking stallsIf you are looking to expand your parking lot or area, without having to increase your storm water infrastructure, H2 Turf is your permeable surface solution. Our engineered Tampa porous pavement parking stalls are designed to provide maximum use of land and parking areas without the need for large retention ponds or vault systems.

By using a rubber, vertical liner between adjacent impervious surfaces and base materials, we restrict lateral movement of storm water causing washouts or sinking. With the proper amount of stone fill, we create a low impact and cost effective retention system that promotes groundwater recharge and keeps storm water on site.Check out some of our other turf services.

Some of the benefits of using H2 Turf in your parking stalls include:

  • Maximum use of land and available parking areas
  • Eliminates the need for large retention ponds
  • Low impact infrastructure – no heavy pipes or large equipment
  • Passive treatment system to help with nutrient removal and healthy ground water recharge
  • Reduces water shed and keeps storm water on site

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