Media Porous Pavement For Sidewalks & Parking Lots

parking lot, porous pavement

When you are in the market for a professional to take care of your Media porous pavement, you should know that the name to trust in is H2 Turf. This is a revolutionary process and surface material used for a variety of residential and commercial applications. From parking lots to walkways, this can cover it all and we can get the job done for you.

There are plenty of reasons that has become such a popular option such as its ability to be flexible as well as durable. Plus, for those who want to try to be more eco-friendly, the material is also made up of 50% recycled rubber. This also makes it ideal for walking because it is anti-strain – the total opposite of concrete. All of this even makes it ideal for tree surrounds because it helps stimulate healthy tree growth by letting the water saturate through to the roots instead of forcing it to puddle or run off the edges.

Media Sidewalk Construction

So it should come as no surprise that this material will also make the perfect surface material for sidewalks. No more puddles as the water can soak through and reach the roots. No more worrying about tripping over cracks and splits because that won’t happen with what we have to offer. We have all seen sidewalks that are torn apart by growing tree roots moving towards the surface in search of water but that will no longer be the case with the H2 Turf surface – plus it is ADA compliant.

Media Walking Trails

We have the perfect solution for your walking trails as well. Enjoy all of the benefits that we have to offer by letting us install this material for your trails or anything else you need. You will also be able to appreciate that we do not need heavy machinery to take care of installation, which means no tearing up your yard. Best of all, it will still look attractive as well.

Don’t ever take chances when it comes to the quality of the walkway materials you use, it could end up causing someone to trip and fall and injure themselves. Let our crew here at H2 Turf address your need for installation of a variety of surfaces, from parking lots to sidewalks – and everything in between. Don’t keep putting off until tomorrow what we could be taking care of today, promptly and professionally. You are going to love what we can provide for you when you call us for your Media porous pavement.

Media, PA

If you are looking for a Media porous pavement product, please call 813-695-9581 or complete our online request form.