Jacksonville Porous Pavement Solutions – Eco-Friendly Walkways

Jacksonville porous sidewalks and walkwaysAt H2 Turf, our permeable paving substrate is an environmentally conscious alternative to concrete and other space-wasting paving solutions. Your new Jacksonville parking lot, sidewalk, or walking trail can be installed without the need for a water retention pond or storm drain.

Unlike other pavement options, H2 Turf doesn’t displace rainwater runoff; it absorbs it, allowing the ground to recharge. This is a virtually maintenance-free product that won’t crack over time.

Jacksonville Walking Trails

With our Jacksonville porous pavement technology, pedestrians will never encounter water puddles or a muddy trail. This makes it easier and requires less work for parks departments and trail owners to keep their walking trails looking great. H2 Turf walking trails are flexible and durable, making them a comfortable surface for walking or jogging. They offer maximum ground water recharge, keeping rainwater in the ground where it belongs.

Jacksonville Sidewalk Construction

For sidewalk construction in Jacksonville, H2 Turf is the porous pavement alternative to concrete and other static substrate materials. It’s a great product to use when your sidewalk is near trees or wooded areas, because it promotes healthy tree and vegetation growth. With its flexibility, H2 Turf is a comfortable surface for walking and running, and it reduces the risk of trip hazards due to tree root growth.

Jacksonville, FL

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