Custom Applications

custom porous pavement applicationsAs a revolutionary and versatile porous paving solution, H2 Turf Tampa porous pavement technology, can be used for many custom pavement applications. This material can solve many problems and challenges that can’t be easily solved with traditional infrastructure.

This highly permeable product allows rain water to recharge in its natural location instead of being routed to storm sewers and traditional water retention systems. This reduces the need for large retention ponds, allowing you to maximize the use of more space on your property.  Check out some of our other turf services.

Some of the benefits of H2 Turf for custom applications include:

  • Highly permeable – allows large amounts of rainwater to pass through into the ground and recharge while providing a hard, durable surface
  • Flexible – 50% rubber content allows H2 Turf to remain flexible. Unlike concrete and other static materials, the dynamic properties and flexibility of H2 Turf prevent cracking and absorb shock from impact and other types of loads.
  • Durable – H2 Turf can be used in parking stalls, driveways, sidewalks, tree surrounds, diffusion areas, and other high use applications.
  • Super strong – Can be installed at various thicknesses depending on the application. 2”
    thick for most applications, and 1” thick over the top of concrete or asphalt.

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