Charleston Porous Pavement Solutions – Eco-Friendly Walkways

Charleston porous sidewalks and walkwaysH2 Turf porous pavement is the eco-friendly alternative to standard Charleston parking lot and sidewalk materials. Derived from recycled car tires, this uniquely strong and durable medium makes the most of materials that would otherwise go to waste.

H2 Turf is a porous material, which holds on to rainwater instead of directing it down a drain or to a retention pond. Keeping the water in the ground allows it to recharge. You’ll also save space by not having to build a retention pond.

Charleston Walking Trails

With our permeable pavement technology, Charleston runners and joggers won’t have to worry about trip hazards and mud puddles while using your walking trails. That’s because H2 Turf holds onto the rainwater that would otherwise make a mess. Porous pavement walking trails require less maintenance, making them a worthwhile investment and addition to your property. They’re also ADA compliant, and reduce bodily stress from walking on concrete or asphalt.

Charleston Sidewalk Construction

While concrete and other impervious sidewalks displace the natural groundwater supply, cause tree roots to grow up and out instead of down, Charleston sidewalks built with H2 Turf do not have this issue. That’s because our porous pavement holds onto rainwater rather than sending it down the storm drain. H2 Turf promotes healthy tree and vegetation growth, while also providing a strong and durable walking and running surface.

Charleston, SC

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