A Revolutionary Porous Pavement Product

H2 Turf is an environmentally friendly, porous pavement option for residential and commercial applications. This incredibly durable and flexible material can be implemented in a variety of applications including walkways, tree surrounds, and parking stalls. This unique pavement solution is low impact and amazingly strong.


Incredible Strength & High Permeability

revolutionary porous pavement servicesH2 Turf offers a unique combination of strength and permeability. While the 50% rubber content of the material allows it to safely absorb shock and prevent cracking, the porous nature of the substance allows for natural water recharging. When properly installed, your new surface can withstand high foot and vehicle traffic without damage.

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Hard Surfaces With No Need For Additional Water Retention

porous parking stallsYour parking lot or walking trail can be installed easily, without a need to divert runoff to storm sewers or retention systems. The water passes through the H2 Turf material, allowing for normal absorption in its natural location.

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A Green Product: Derived From Recycled Car Tires

eco-friendly permeable pavementH2 Turf materials are environmentally conscious. Derived from recycled car tires, this uniquely strong medium re-uses otherwise wasted natural resources, and increases the usable area of a property without creating unnatural runoff.

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Why You Should Use This Porous Pavement Solution For Your Next Installation

The unique combination of superior strength and high permeability makes H2 Turf a great option for your new surface needs. This low impact, ADA compliant material can be installed with no heavy machinery and provides a virtually maintenance free surface that will not crack or require additional water diversion needs.

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